Coaching Bio

My background is in integrative health coaching, student advising and recruiting, service industry (bar and coffee shop), fitness and nutrition, yoga (200-hr Certified Instructor)/meditation (Vipassana), dance, tantra, mountaineering, mechanical engineering and technology (former career), traveling, and martial arts.


Biggest accomplishments in my life include; being in 3 different long-term relationships (1 toxic, 2 very loving), career transition from engineering to sales and education in health and wellness, healing overthinking, overcoming lack of self-esteem and self-confidence, overcoming substance abuse, overcoming my 5-year battle with anxiety, reversing insomnia, overcoming perfectionism, backpacking throughout Europe for 4 months, overcoming grandiose narcissism, overcoming deep depression, becoming 200-hr Yoga Instructor Certified in 2016, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2012, and overcoming an anger disorder.


My personal coaching style is direct, yet calm, steady, and open-minded. I view life from an explorer’s perspective; every day is a new adventure full of unknowns. I believe that the more I embrace life experiences through conscious acceptance, the more rich and full life becomes because I have more and more choices available to me in daily life to create the life I truly want to live; I become steadily more graceful at ‘navigating life’s waters’ through the ability to live my life from a calm, peaceful, and balanced perspective. “Know thyself” is the cornerstone of my life; I pride myself on my ability adapt, change, and show appropriate vulnerability in order to grow further into authenticity, find balance, and further develop a loving and understanding relationship with myself and all people in my life.


I strongly value curiosity, learning, love, honesty, integrity, courage, open-mindedness, resilience, creativity, faith, happiness, balance, patience, fun, gratitude, and a great sense of humour about life and strive to live my life as close to my values as I can.