I am truly passionate about discovering and unlocking the potential of the human mind, body, and spirit. Through my own personal journey into conscious awareness, I believe that human potentialĀ is limitless and only held back by fear. I am forever a student of life and regularly invite and seek out new opportunities for personal growth and awareness to further explore and expand my consciousness.

I strongly value radical honesty and integrity and enjoy exploring and sharing my personal experiences. I strive to be as relatable as I can and hope that my story may reach out to others. I believe that at the core of a happy and fulfilling life is love and trust; love and trust that must first be found within oneself. I believe that the more love we have for ourselves and the more we trust our individual journeys, the more love we are willing to give and share with the world intentionally, through purposeful and passionate means.

I worked as a mechanical engineer for a few different large oil and gas firms before I was laid off in September of 2015 during the oil-crash recession. Through this difficult period of my life, I promised myself that I would discover what true value I personally could bring into the world. I came to peace when I realized over the course of my previous career that I was unfulfilled; my lay-off was actually a clever blessing in disguise. Since then, I have committed myself to trusting my journey and remaining open to opportunities to learn and grow as they present themselves in my life.

I believe that my life purpose is to be of service to others through my energetic and curious approach to life. I wish to learn, share, connect, and celebrate life with others as much as possible in order to bring as much love, knowledge, and well-being into the world as possible.