An idea that particularly resonated with me recently was to (I’m paraphrasing): encourage the voice of the creative inner-child residing within the responsible adult. To elaborate, my ‘inner-child’ is a metaphorical representation of the creative side of my being, and the ‘adult’ represents the rational part of my being. I now see that prior to my lay-off, I had been mostly out of touch with and neglecting my inner-child for the majority of my adult life. In an attempt to silence my creative voice, I later learned that I was essentially rejecting the nature of what it meant to just be me.


In the past I was convinced that artistic pursuits were something silly that didn’t apply to the real world. Instead I applied the majority of my focus into more rational pursuits; my studies in university, followed by building a proper career in order to establish financial security. All I needed from there was a partner, kids, a house with a white-picket fence, and healthy investments for my retirement fund to ‘live the dream.’ I remember there being just one small problem with this way of thinking… I didn’t agree with it! I often thought to myself, “surely there has to be more to life than just going to school, working, finding a partner, procreating, and saving for retirement?” The idea of waiting to experience adventure until I could afford the freedom to do so after retirement was truly a horrifying thought to me. There was something inside of me that had a deep sense of longing for the unknown; I wanted to experience adventure while I was young, energetic, and able-bodied, not in some imaginary future where I would have to wait and hope my health and bank account would hold out until I retired one day.


When I got laid off, I realized that my career abandoned me and ‘the dream’ collapsed. All I had left at that point was my health (thankfully), a mind rapidly processing the experience, and a really confused and upset heart. A heart that needed an outlet to express the pain it felt at the time. I found (often alone reflecting) that by carefully listening intently to what my heart was telling me (gut-feeling), I could heal and release my pain through expressive activities. Initially, I began to focus my efforts into my then semi-regular yoga practice and my Latin dance interest further by joining a dance performance team. I also became really interested in discovering new music, learning how to cook, conscious breath-work, exercise, and aromatherapy. I found that the more I could stimulate my senses, the more I was able to connect with my heart, and ultimately help myself slowly heal and stand my ground in the tornado of thoughts and emotions 1 I had at the time.


Over time, my new creative energies led me to a deep passion in writing. From then on, I kept a journal where I frequently wrote anything that came to mind. I would write my thoughts and feelings at any given time, no matter how abstract or weird I thought they were at the time. I tried my best to just let it flow naturally onto the page without over-analyzing how it looked. Instead I focused on the feeling of writing stuff down. Over time, I learned to trust what I was writing into my journal because I knew that when I did, it would feel good no matter what I ended up writing. Writing became a natural extension of my normal life, and when I neglected doing it, I would start to feel off and disconnected. I have now come to realize that writing is a fundamental extension of me. I find tremendous catharsis, clarity, and peace when I write things down. I notice it takes all the information stirring inside of me and gives it a final tangible resting place, so I can “clear my cache,” similar to what I would do for a computer app. Blogging has taken writing a step further for me, where I now feel confident and good in my heart sharing a part of me with the world that I would have never dreamed possible had I not picked up a pen and just wrote something down.


My newest creative pursuit (besides blogging) has become behavioral health coaching. When I first enrolled in the program in September 2016, I had little idea of what I was getting myself into, but I thought the program sounded interesting and I trusted the feeling in my heart. Coincidentally (or maybe not) coaching ended up becoming another passionate pursuit of mine. I am still brand new to coaching and currently studying it in school part-time and definitely have fears associated with the unknown factor of “where will this realistically take me?” However, I thoroughly enjoy it and it makes my heart feel good. I have already integrated many of the lessons learned from the course into my life and I trust that this new adventure will lead me somewhere great, even if I realistically can’t see where that is right now.


Creativity brings me a sense of adventure. It brings me healing, joy, introspection, and ultimately a deeper sense of who I am as a person and what I truly want out of life. I am of the belief that becoming detached from my inner-child was a mistake. I am an adult, so I will always have to think rationally and be responsible for my choices, but I want to experience more from life. I want to experience how it feels to create something artistic and share the expression of my inner-child with others. In the current world we live in, where technology is increasing at an exponential rate, I personally find it really difficult to think rationally/logically about every single thing I experience. My cache gets filled up really quickly and before I know it, I need to express myself creatively to ‘release some of the pressure.’ I believe that keeping myself healthy is directly linked to my ability to express myself when ‘I’m too full.’ In other words, creativity is an aspect of my life I deem necessary for my survival and overall well-being.


I believe there is a harmonious relationship possible between the inner-child and the adult in my life, and I am forever grateful that I was given the opportunity to explore my inner-child when I was laid off as an engineer. I have developed a much better relationship with myself as a result, and hence a much better relationship with my loved ones. I find I am much more frequently able to feel good about who I am as a person and the about the choices I make on a day to day basis. To me, my creativity is an individual expression of love through my being out into the world.






  1. Many thanks to my Behavioral Money Coach Evangelos Diavolitsis for teaching me his tornado metaphor

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  1. I’ve enjoyed how you’ve made your thoughts and feelings come to life. Well written. Thank you for sharing.

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